3d Object Scan

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will this technology help me and why should I choose this type of presentation for my products?

         By using our models you allow your customers to explore the product they are interested in and to observe it in a particular detail. Through various mouse or touch screen commands on their mobile devices, they have the chance to control the look and the proximity of the product. The more detailed look at the consumer product, the more chance they have to buy it and thus a less one to subsequently return it. This way you save large costs of returned deliveries and also win satisfied customers.

2. How much will it cost me to get my products’ 3D models embed on my website?

         You’ll receive an HTML5 file format from us, which can be easily and in various ways embed in your website all by yourself. This doesn’t acquire you purchasing any additional modules, etc. from us. The only thing you have to pay for is the production of the 3D model whose price is fixed in our price- list. The prices depend on the product’s category and on the number of your orders.

3. What do you need to produce a 3D model of a product?

         In order for us to produce a 3D model, you have to send us the physical object you are interested in. After scanning it we’ll return it to you.

4. How do you produce these 3D models?

         We scan physical objects through a 3D scanner. After processing the received data, we produce the detailed 3D models.

5. What products for can I use this 3D technology?

         There is a large variety of products that can be scanned, but nevertheless there are also some limitations. For example high gloss items, which have a large reflecting surface are not suitable for scanning. The process of making 3D models for such items is long and laborious and for that reason they may take a different price range. If you have any questions about items that differ by type, size and material from our models in the website,  feel free to contact us for more information and opinion at the contacts indicated.

6. In what file format and size will I get my scanned models?

         You’ll receive the final product in HTML5 format. The total file size depends on the complexity of the scanned object. In its optimal size the model can range from 2 MB to 15 MB

7. In what way the 3D models are better than 360 VR photography?

         3D models successfully surpass the 360 VR photography in several aspects. In order to achieve the quality of the 3D models by using 360VR, you will have to pay for the following details:
- more rows of frames (to inspect the object from all sides)
- more frames in the rows (to have a smooth movement)
a better quality of the pictures (to achieve greater detail).
This will usually come at least 2 times more expensive than making a 3D model and will have a significant difference in the size of the final product, which you’ll upload to your web-site.

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